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Chatham Preventative Dentistry

Gum disease is a serious dental health issue, leading to lost teeth, damage to your gums and jaws, and potential harm to your general good health. The best prevention for gum disease and decay is good hygiene. It’s vital to develop good brushing and flossing habits, and to visit a dentist regularly for dental exams and professional cleaning.

Our preventative dentistry treatments for Chatham families include scaling, polishing and cleaning your teeth, fluoride and sealant treatments to protect against decay, and a thorough dental exam to detect signs of decay, injury and disease before they become serious.


A professional cleaning removes tartar, the hard substance that builds up on your teeth. Tartar cannot be removed by regular brushing and must be removed with special instruments. Our hygienist will scale your teeth to remove tartar, and then floss and polish them to clean them and remove any stains or discoloration.


Fluoride treatment is used to strengthen the surface of your teeth. Although it is mainly associated with childhood dental visits, fluoride treatment can also provide benefits to adults. For children we may also recommend the application of a pit and fissure sealant to their teeth to provide a barrier to decay-causing bacteria.

Dental Examination

As part of your regular cleaning our dentist will examine your teeth and mouth to detect signs of decay, injury and disease. We’ll take X-rays of your teeth and gums to detect issues above the gum line, check your teeth for decay, and screen your mouth for early signs of oral cancer.

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Watch videos about Oral Hygiene/Cleaning:

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