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Chatham Family Dentistry

We’ve been providing family dentistry services to generations of Chatham families since 1977 so you can trust your family’s dental care to our experienced, friendly and caring team. Whether it’s for your child's first visit to the dentist, or for a consultation on your elderly relative’s changing needs, we can help. We’re happy to continue our tradition of serving families.

Children’s Dentistry

We can assess your child's dental health and make sure their baby teeth are growing in properly.

As your children grow up, good dental care and hygiene are vital. As your dental health partner we’ll keep your children’s teeth healthy with regular cleanings and dental education, and we’ll monitor the growth of their teeth to detect any alignment issues or other problems.


For seniors and caregivers, we provide assistance with changing dental health care needs such as mobility issues, assisting seniors with hygiene, and dental education. We also have an in-house denture clinic, Grand West Denture Clinic, to provide denture services.

To book an family dentistry appointment, contact our office today 519-354-6000.

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