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Chatham Dental Restorations

Decay and injury can cause permanent damage to your teeth. To restore the appearance and health of your teeth we provide dental restoration services, including fillings, crowns and bridges. A properly-placed restoration provides long term protection for your damaged tooth and helps you keep the appearance of your smile intact.


If a tooth becomes compromised by decay a cavity can form in your enamel. In such cases, the tooth will need to be restored with a filling to protect it and prevent further decay. We provide tooth-coloured bonded or “white” fillings that restore your teeth while blending in with the rest of your smile. We can advise you on whether a bonded filling is the best restoration for you.


A crown, or cap, is an artificial tooth that is placed over a cracked or broken tooth. We use crowns to restore teeth that are seriously damaged by decay, injury or have had root canal treatment. Crowns are designed to look and function just like your natural teeth to give you a long-lasting and beautiful smile.


Bridges are used to fill a space in your smile left by missing teeth. A bridge is a restoration consisting of one or more artificial teeth that is attached to the remaining teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing teeth. They restore the natural function and appearance of the missing teeth, and they also prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting into the gap left by the missing teeth.

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